About the Student Loan

  • Student Loan & Tuition Fees; What do I need to do?
    • The Student Loan Application must be applied EVERY YEAR.
    • The SLC ensures that the tuition fees will be paid directly to the University. The payment is divided into 3 instalments.

For September starts:

Payment 1: September

Payment 2: January

Payment 3: April

For January/February starts:

Payment 1: January/February

Payment 2: April

Payment 3: September

  • How does the repayment model work?
    • The SLC work with HM Revenue & Customs (the UK’s Tax Office) to collect repayments. Your repayments will be shown on your pay-slips – unless you are self-employed when the repayments will be taken through the tax self-assessment system. The amount you repay will be linked to your annual income. Each year you will be expected to repay 9% of your income that is over a certain threshold. For students who started their course between 1998 and 2012, the income threshold is currently ( for the years 2018/19) £21,000.00 (approximately 23,522.00 € according to European Central Bank at 10/9/2018). In a simple way, if your taxable income is less than £21,000.00 in a year, you will not be expected to make any student loan repayments for that year.

Some examples of repayment methods.

Started course in or after Sept 2012:

Taxable Income for the year (i.e. before tax is deducted) Monthly Income Monthly Repayment
Up to £21,000.00 £1,750.00 £0
£22,000.00 £1,833.00 £7
£ 25,000.00 £ 2,083.00 £30
£ 30,000.00 £ 2,500.00 £67
£ 35,000.00 £ 2,916.00 £105
£ 40,000.00 £ 3,333.00 £142


  • Has my family any connection to the Student Loan?
    • Each student’s family has nothing to do with the Student Loan. The student has purely the whole responsibility.

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Any further information please contact us at europe@sunderland.ac.uk