Undergraduate programmes:

The tuition fees for the University of Sunderland’s undergraduate  programmes are at £9,250.

All European citizens are entitled to the European Student Loan issued by the government of the U.K. The process of granting the loan is quite simple. All it takes is to fill up a specific application and present specific documents, such as applicants declaration, 2 family relatives statements with different addresses, passport and birth certificate. It is crucial to understand that the student loan is granted to all European students by the British government and not by a financial institute. Applications for granting a loan commence at mid April. Fees are being paid directly by the Student Loan Company to the University and not to the applicant.

Postgraduate programmes:

Fees for all postgraduate programmes are from £5,600 to £6,800.

The British government has announced that by the next academic year postgraduate programmes will be granted as well to European citizens. Right now we are expecting more information on the subject from mid-May own-wards. The amount of money granted will be £10,000 and in the contrary of undergraduate programmes the student will receive the money and will be responsible for paying the fees. If the student chooses to take the whole amount then he can spent the money on personal expenses or for student residence.

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Methods of payment

There are 3 main ways to pay your fees to the University. Please see bellow

  • Online use of credit card, debit card or pre-payed card
  • Cash or card to the University’s finance department
  • Through bank transfer to the University’s bank account, mentioning the students name and student number

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